What if it were possible to not get caught up in other people's drama and trauma? When you align and agree or resist and react to what someone says or does, it creates a judgement. That judgement puts filters on your awareness- things that don't match your judgements cannot come into your awareness.

Instead of going into judgement and doing alignment and agreement, or resistance and reaction, you can be interesting point of view. When you choose interesting point of view, you don't have to generate a negative or positive polarity.

When you don't get stuck in the negative or positive polarity, you can be the rock in the stream. All the drama and trauma others project at you can just flow right around and past you. When you go into judgement and decide they are right or wrong, that alignment/agreement or resistance/reaction pulls you into the polarity, and you get caught up in the river of the drama and trauma and get lost in the currents.

What have you made so vital, valuable, and real about never possessing just an interesting point of view that keeps you in a constant state of judgement of you?

When you are thinking about something and you notice that you are wanting to align and agree or resist and react to it, you can say to yourself, "Interesting point of view, I have this point of view. Interesting point of view, I have this point of view". Being interesting point of view moves you into the space of allowance. Judgement and allowance can't exist together, so when you are able to be in allowance, you don't get locked into the polarity of judgement.

Who and what have you aligned and agreed with and made right, that isn't actually right, that if you would stop making them right, would allow new possibilities to show up in your life?

Who and what have you resisted and reacted to and made wrong, that isn't actually wrong, that if you would stop making them wrong, would allow new possibilities to show up in your life?

When you resist and react and fight against something, it already has control over you. Being in allowance allows you to actually change things.

What would happen if you were willing to be in allowance of you?

While negative judgements are often easy to recognize, positive judgements create just as much limitation, and are easy to overlook. If you decide something is right, you will spend your whole life trying to make it right, even if it doesn't actually work for you.

What are you fighting for and against, that if you don't fight for or against it, would allow you to choose something different with total ease?