Neptune Calling

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

In response to everything happening in the world right now, I often find myself feeling this way....

When you have these experiences where you feel like nothing is making sense and you wonder if you have slipped into some alternate dimension, there's a good chance that the energy of Neptune is showing up.

Neptune likes to dissolve barriers, create fogs, and induce altered states. Logic and science might consider him their enemy, but Neptune doesn’t even care. He won’t be interested in erecting and maintaining the sort of boundaries required to separate friends from enemies.

In the ongoing saga of Covid-19, Neptune has been subtly photobombing every snapshot of the unfolding story. Around November 17th of last year, when the first case of Covid was reported in Wuhan, Neptune was forming a sextile to Saturn. This tight configuration is enabling Neptune to build little wormholes and escape hatches in all the Saturnian protocols and mandates being created. In late February, as Covid cases started popping up in California, Neptune was making a sextile with Jupiter, further allowing him to worm his way into the planetary action going on in Capricorn as the virus spread.

When Neptune shows up, logic breaks down. As Covid drama ramped up in the United States, everyone went out and bought toilet paper, for reasons that still aren't totally clear. Early testing kits were faulty, some were even contaminated with the virus. Disease prognosis ranges from zero symptoms to sudden onset of symptoms followed by death. Everyone seems to have a different interpretation of "the facts".

With Neptune active, objective and clear truth is hard to come by. For example, eleven news stations in the United States aired an unedited press release from Amazon. While these videos aren't technically a lie, they also do not match people's expectations of what TV news is supposed to be, and how it gets created.

As the most distant planet in our solar system, Neptune sees both inward toward our little Sun-centered neighborhood, and also sees out into the mysterious universe beyond. When Neptune is active, we can often feel like we are in an alien or foreign land. There are currently many conversations popping up about "when will we go back to normal?" and "what is the new normal?". Neptune refuses to reveal how far along we are in this strange journey, how long it will last, and where exactly we will end up.

For people who normally function comfortably in the "real world", standard problem solving and coping mechanisms don't work well when Neptune is involved. When logic and rationality break down and all you can think to say is, "what is happening?", it might be time for a more Neptunian approach.

To get more comfortable with navigating Neptunian energies, work on cultivating a practice that takes your mind out of the mental realm. Exercise, meditate, plant some flowers, go swimming, take a walk - anything that gets your focus out of your head and away from your thoughts. In classical Neptunian fashion, a practice that might not seem directly related to challenges of daily life can actually have a huge impact on our ability to cope with stress. Logic alone cannot guide us in the world right now, and as you spend time focusing your consciousness outside of the logical realm, you can begin to tap into other ways of being and knowing that can help you ride the strange waves of our current experience.

As structures start to break down, many people who have difficulty riding the wave of change will respond by attempting to engage in more structure, more rules and regulations. People who find comfort in structure will support these edicts, while more Neptunian folks may find it frustrating and bewildering. If you find yourself wanting to argue with someone, ask yourself…

"Can this person really even hear what I have to say?"

"If I say this, will it change anything?"

If they can't hear you, and you talking at them won't actually change anything, consider taking a cue from Neptune and just peace out.

For a long time, scientists said that all life on earth is made of carbon. Then they found non-carbon based lifeforms in hydrothermal vents in the deep depths of the ocean. Normal rules do not apply in these places, where Neptune is king. And while he may not be the only planet in charge right now, he is definitely in the board room and sitting in one of the fancy chairs. His role here is valuable - he supports us in moving beyond the boundaries we have used to define ourselves and our world, the limits that define who we can be, what we can change, and what we can create. If we can learn to breathe and flow under the waves of Neptune, we can be changed in ways that allow us to grow beyond who we were yesterday.