The Saturn Pluto Conjunction of 2020

Updated: Apr 8

I think most of us would agree that 2020 has so far been eventful, unusual, and challenging. Long before 2020 reared its head, astrologers were examining the year with great interest and a bit of trepidation. Among the many powerful planetary configurations that are occurring, the Saturn Pluto conjunction probably has the worst reputation- and with good reason. Major aspects in the Saturn Pluto cycle have historically coincided with world events involving war, transfers and abuses of power, isolation, and lots of fear. Some examples of Saturn Pluto- themed events:

~ November 1866 (conjunction) - end of the Civil War ~ October 1914 (conjunction) - start of World War I

~ August 1947 (conjunction) - World War II ending, with major power shifts in Europe and parts of Asia ~ 1966 (oppositions) - height of the Vietnam War

~ November 1982 (conjunction) - highest rate of unemployment in the United States since the Great Depression, AIDS at epidemic levels, incorporation of CoreCivic The most recent Saturn Pluto conjunction occurred on January 12th of this year. If you look back at some astrologers' predictions about this conjunction, the themes of "isolation and separation", "imbalances of power and resources", and "fear (possibly justified, possibly not)" came up often. It's pretty amazing to look back now at what was going on in January (and what we are still experiencing now) to see the relevance of those themes. Covid lockdown, anyone? The Saturn Pluto cycle puts pressure on systems, which reveals their weak points. In the United States we are seeing potentially annihilative stress applied to the coal industry and many meat processing plants. Interestingly, some of the most environmentally unsustainable systems are buckling under the pressure applied by current events. The systemic stress correlated with Saturn Pluto is also readily apparent on the level of individual humans. When we are placed under too much stress, it activates our areas of personal insanity- and we all have these to some extent or another. We all form projections, distortions, and delusions, and lie to ourselves about things we have decided are too painful to look at. For people who are already struggling with mental health challenges, the stress of Saturn Pluto events like pandemics can spark flares of PTSD, psychosis, and other serious issues. This stress response also shows up in the less social stigmatized form of political extremism, organized protesting, and dissemination of conspiracy theories.

It's likely that during covid-pocalypse, someone you know has done, said, or posted online something that you didn't expect of them. But instead of thinking,"they're not who I thought they were", consider that that person is showing you who they have always been- you just hadn't been willing to see it before. Relationships of all types become easier when you are willing to acknowledge the truth about people, instead of ignoring what people are continually showing you, or even lying to yourself about who they really are. Saturn loves to pull back the curtain and show us these difficult truths. Events coinciding with the most recent Saturn Pluto conjunction are showing us what is no longer working, and where we are functioning from insanity on both the collective and individual level. This process of looking into the shadowy abyss is never comfortable, but it is often required for healthy change. As Jung said, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate". Saturn is currently making its way back through Aquarius and will revisit Capricorn later this year, coming back to check in on Pluto. The two planets will make their closest approach at the end of September before Saturn turns and continues his forward journey through the signs. We can expect to revisit of themes that appeared in January as the planets come back into close proximity at the end of September. Within the astrological paradigm, everyone is affected differently by major planetary events depending on one's natal chart. If you would like to further explore the manifestation of these energies in your own life, you can email for more information about consultation options and pricing. If you would like to learn more about the Saturn Pluto cycle:

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