Access Consciousness Bars

Access Bars is a light-touch body process. During a session, the recipient lies down while the practitioner touches a series of points on their head. The process is similar to emptying the recycle bin and running the defrag program on your computer. Watch a video about the Bars here.


Access Body Processes

The Access Consciousness Body Processes can be used to address a wide range of body issues. They are also designed to support and expand body-based practices like sports, yoga, physical therapy, and meditation. The processes are gentle, and appropriate for all ages and types of bodies.


Access Energetic Facelift

Ready to turn back the clock? The Access Energetic Facelift process provides a safe, gentle alternative to chemical and surgical interventions. People report changes in their appearance, as well as a greater sense of physical and mental well-being. As with the Access Bars, people also often report feeling lighter after a Facelift session.


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