Talk to the Entities


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy  




     Even among things that are weird and different, Talk to the Entities is super weird and super different. It doesn't involve an expert telling you what is real and what isn't, or giving you information about something that you can't have access to yourself. Instead, Talk to the Entities provides tools and information to facilitate you in learning how to strengthen and trust your own awareness of the world around you.


     Most of us live in a reality that is a murky mix of our own true awareness intertwined with all of the programs, lies, stories, and conclusions that we bought from our peers, parents, teachers, and culture. The tools and information of Talk to the Entities can start to untangle this knotted web of realities and bring you more into your own space. When this happens, it becomes much easier to change aspects of life that aren't working well, and to create a life that is fun and full of possibilities.


     There may be things you have been aware of your whole life, but have never been willing to consciously acknowledge. For the most part, awareness has been sterilized and rationalized so that everything can fit into an appropriate box. We are conditioned to believe the lie that the only things waiting for us outside of the box are insanity and loneliness. What if that's just not true? What if the mystery and the magic outside the box could empower you in ways you can't even imagine right now? Talk to the Entities provides the tools to enable you to venture outside the box in order to engage with and change all of the energies and entities that you encounter in the world.


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